Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Move

What a busy week it has been for us....about a month ago we decided that we wanted to see if it was possible to switch areas with my job. Many of you know that I am a Hall Advisor at BYU's Heritage halls. We love the area we live in and all the people I get to work with, but for a while we thought that moving down to Wyview would be more beneficial for our family both on a personal and professional level. So we talked to managers and were given the ok that it would be a possibility--needless to say we moved this last week.

Wednesday night we had some help from our ward and got the majority of our belongings moved and today we finished moving odds and ends and cleaned the old apartment. I'm so tired!!! Moving 9 months pregnant is not an easy task!

I am pleased to say that we are now completely moved and settled in, just one more box to empty. We are loving our new place. I love that Morgan actually has a bedroom separate from us and that there is air conditioning (not the muggy and humid swamp cooler system).


Douglas Lai said...

It is always nice to have more space. I would not want to move nine months pregnant though. You're a trooper.
Erica Lai

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

Deanna--I didn't even know! I'm going to miss seeing you as often as I had when working with you. I'm impressed that you got the move taken care of before tomorrow when you have your amnio. Good Job!