Friday, July 18, 2008

Closing again

I have developed the habit of calling the hospital every morning at 3:30 while I'm pumping--this morning when I called Grace was stable but her blood pressure was rather low, even for her.

When I got to the hospital this morning I was informed that low blood pressure could be indicitive of an infection, though the test didn't show anything, the doctors don't want to take any chances and decided to close her today, instead of waiting. Normally to close a chest they bring the operating room stuff to the baby's room, but this time they are actually taking Gracie (took) her to the operating room because they are involving the plastic surgeon as well as irrigating her chest even more than what they would normally do. In order to protect her chest bone, the plastic surgeon is going to reposition chest muscles to cover the bone in order to treat and protect it from infection.

She will be very sick after the procedure and extremely critical, so prayers are needed.

I'm posting a couple of pictures of Grace with her eyes open today while she was very content.


Katie said...

Deanna, I'm praying that all will go well with Grace. You are constantly in my prayers.

buzzy said...

to my sister and brother my family and i are praying for both of you and your family. i miss and love you guys. i am sorry you have to go thur this i could not imagine how difficult this must be on yous. it hurts me when i hold adabella because i relize you two can not hold your beautiful little girl. well if you need anything let me know i love you guys give the babies a kiss and hug from there uncle

Nola said...

We are praying for all of you!
Those pictures of Grace are wonderful. She is a beautiful little girl!