Thursday, July 17, 2008

For now...

All is well for now, or so it seems. Grace's heart was reopened and almost immediately her stats improved, along with her heart rate, and blood pressure. She looks good and hopefully will sleep all night since she basically underwent two surgeries today.

Our favorite nurse is with her tonight and told us that Grace is doing better tonight then she did the first night after her surgery. So we decided to come home to be with Morgan for her and also for our emotional well-being.

We now wait on Gracie to improve some more and hopefully in a couple days she will be ready to be closed. The good thing is that our nurse said she has never experienced having a patient who had to be reopened a second time.

Thanks again for all your prayers, I know that we have been helped and strengthened by them. We will keep updating on her progress.

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Douglas Lai said...

I am glad to hear that Grace is doing better today. I wish it was under better circumstances that we were seeing each other these days. Someday we will get these little girls of our together to play when these crazy days are behind us. We are in room 4328.