Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prayers needed

We were sent out of Grace's room at 3:15pm when the doctors prepared to close her chest. We were told that the procedure would take 45 minutes. An hour later, 4:15pm the nurse and then the doctor came out and told us that they were done with the closure and Grace seemed to be tolerating it ok. We were told to wait 30 minutes and then were allowed to go back and see her.

Seeing her was so hard, she looked well, but she was on a paralytic and completely out of it. The most fearful thing is that her heart rate was really high--195. The nurses and doctors were trying and hoping to keep it from reaching the 200s, but unfortunately that is where her heart rate ended up. The doctors kept a close eye on her and thought that there could be several reasons for the high heart rate. Of course one reason is that her heart wasn't ready and was too stressed out, another reason--the medicine they gave her could be attributed to the high rate and once it wore off her rate would come down. Or she was just too dry and needed to receive more fluids before her heart would relax some. At first it was this last reason that seem to be at fault because each time they injected her with more fluid her heart rate would drop back to the 170s or 180s, but the moment they stopped it jumped right back up.

After two hours they decided that it would be safest for our Grace if they reopened her chest and tried again in a couple days. So that is where we are at...we are waiting in the waiting room for them to finish taking the staples out and the shift change to be over so we can go back and see our baby.

Please pray that the grace of God will bless our sweet baby and allow her to pull through this major set back. We know she can't overcome this without the help of God and what better way to receive that then the petition of our friends and family? I hope and pray that Grace's stubbornness and fiestiness will prevail and she will bounce back even stronger than she was before.

Thank you all for your love and support. Jason and I appreciate it all.


David & Katie said...

Deanna - we are praying for Grace and for your family. I know everything will be okay, no matter what happens. -Katie Ollmann

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

Deanna, after hearing from Shayla about the possibility of having to reopen, Oliver, Evan & I sat down to say a quick prayer for little Grace and for you and the rest of your family. Shortly after, Shayla called to talk about work and before hanging up she said that you had just called to say they were reopening her chest right then. I know that there were many others praying at that same time and everything will be okay. Keep looking toward the positive. It will turn out that way eventually no matter what.

Gourley Family said...

We are praying for you guys-just know we are here for you. Grace is strong-I know, I have seen it first hand. We know Heavenly Father is mindful of all. I went to the cemetery and physically told Ryker and Lilly to watch over their cousin, to be her guardian angels, especially now!
All our love,
Em and Mike

A Hunter Story said...

Brian and I are praying for you guys constantly! We love you guys so much!

TaylorCrew said...

Deanna and Jason - We want you to know how amazing you guys are! We know first hand how much strength, faith and hope is required when your child is so tenderly fragile. We have felt the love of the Lord on your behalf and want you to know you are in our family prayers.
Jared and Catherine Taylor