Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poor Gracie

I was hoping that today was going to be as quiet and restful of a day for Gracie as yesterday, but unfortunately it was not. The doctors and surgeons decided that that it was time that the line in Grace's neck come out to eliminate possible infection from the sight since it has been in for over two weeks. So she needed to have a PIC line put in--these are lines that are inserted for more long term care--but they couldn't get the line in at her bed, which meant that they were going to have to transport her to the 1st floor and have it done by the lab down there were they can use ink inserted into her veins and an x-ray type machine to guide the line in.

Anyway, while we were waiting for the lab to be able to fit us in, Grace's ART line stopped working. This is the line that continually monitors her heart rate and blood pressure. So the doctor attempted to fix the one in her arm to avoid inserting a new one in her foot, but was not successful. Unfortunately he wasn't successful in either of her feet or her groin, so the surgeon had to come in and use his 'x-ray glasses' to see exactly what he was doing and right a way got the line in place. The whole ordeal took four hours!!

It was so hard sitting there watching my baby go through so much and be in pain, even though she was given extra pain meds. We were so happy that when we left for the night she was able to rest and we hope she will be able to rest the entire night with little or no complications since in the morning she will be going down and getting the PIC line in since she couldn't get that done today.


Gourley Family said...

I love the sweet pictures of Gracie, she really has your eyes Deanna! What a little cutie! I know things are tough, but there are so many praying, and I know miracles will happen. We love you guys, and Gracie already means so much to us all! There are times where I lay awake thinking of Gracie, and how you guys are doing. There are also times when I want to call someone at 5:00 in the morning, to see how her night has been. She has changed all of our lives in so many ways! She is strong, and such a fighter!
Love you guys,
Emily and Mike

The Taylor Bunch said...

I hope everything went better today and that they were able to get the pic line in. We are thinking about you and love you!