Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy day

Gracie had a big and busy day today, at 11am Grace was intubated and then her chest tube was pulled. We then went down to MRI heavily sedated and even getting a continuous drip of precidex she needed more Rock and kedamine by the time she got down stairs and was lifted on the MRI table--what a little drug addicted baby she is! We then came back had her TEE, and then an ultrasound of her entire chest searching for clots, we then allowed for the sedatives to wear off and extubated her, what a day!

So the results, there is no vegetation (infection) in her heart and no blood clots, therefore there is still no explanation for her fevers and none of her cultures have come back positive yet. Who knows maybe her fevers and increased agitation are results of teething or a cold, though I think there really is something more going on, we may never know.

The MRI showed that Gracie has some veins running along her spine that slightly more enlarged and taking more oxygen away from her heart because blood flows in the path of least resistance, so the plan is to plug these veins with titanium coils in a hope that she will better oxygenate and be able to be successfully weaned off of the high flow. As of right now the plan is to go to cath lab to have this done on Friday, provided nothing grows out of her cultures and/or she has more fevers. Hopefully this solves the problem and hopefully she does wonderfully through the cath and there are no complications, there is actually hope that Grace can be home within two to three weeks.

Thanks for checking in and keeping Gracie in your thoughts and prayers.


Christina said...

What a day. I was hoping they would have more specific answers for you, but hopefully the coils will make a big difference.

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH
Jacob's Momma

Hollie said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers daily! I'm glad that they didn't find any infection! Thank heavens for small miracles. Elaina had a coil occlusion done shortly after her Glenn. She had grown a collateral vein off her svc that was causing lots of problems. It took a few days to "take effect", but in the end I credit that procedure to the beginning of her recovery. Well, that and lots and lots of prayers and blessings! Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I check your blog several times a day and pray for Gracie constantly! I hope that she can regain some strength and that everything will go smoothly this week. NO more fevers! :)

Douglas Lai said...

What a busy busy day. Hopefully those fevers go away soon. At least searching for their cause helped you find those enlarged veins.

We also never found the cause of Eden's mystery fevers. They said one possible cause could have been bc of the extra fluid she had in her abdomen pressing on her lungs can sometimes cause fevers. Who knows.

Praying for no more fevers and that Gracie can go home soon.