Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you

I should have waited before I posted the last post, I let my emotions and irrational thoughts get away from me and thought that Gracie was boycotting me--thank you for all of your comments reminding me that this certainly wasn't the case. Even Gracie must have realized that I was having a hard time because about an hour or two after I posted, Gracie woke up and decided that she was going to grant me some of the most precious smiles and coos I've been privileged to receive in weeks from her. We played for a good hour, she watched some tv and then allowed me to hold her while snuggling in for a nice long nap. Its so interesting that even though these little heart babies are so sick, so often Gracie is finding ways to "heal" my "broken" heart.

She is still doing well and is fever free...I'm hoping her CRP will be low again tomorrow and who knows maybe early next week we can go to the cath lab and we can work on going home.


summer said...

I continue to follow Gracie's progress and she (and your little family) are in our prayers daily. I am so glad you 2 got to snuggle today. Those are "precious" and "never to be taken for granted" moments with our special little sweet-hearts! Hang in there.
Mason sends a hug to Grace!

Kimberly said...

No worries! It is expected that there will be down moments. But I am glad that it was only a moment and you were able to share some precious time with Gracie. She loves you! And I love you! I continue to pray for your family!

On an up-note...Someone has a birthday coming up in a few days!!!! 4 more days until the big day! WooHoo! Love you!