Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road trip

Gracie took another "road trip" today down to the cath lab. She has been fever free for two days with a decreased CRP level all the way down to 1.1---so the Attending wanted to get her in as soon as possible before the fevers came back. Hopefully this is what Gracie needs and she will be a whole different baby.

She has been in the cath for the last hour and half, we haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully they will be done soon. The doctors are optimistic that Grace will do great, and after watching her through the weekend, she could potentially be moved to the floor on Monday or Tuesday. I know you all are probably as shocked as I am.

Though we are excited for this move and progression towards home, it couldn't come at the worse possible time---we are moving next week. So I will be a busy mama packing and getting everything ready just in case I end up taking up residence on the third floor with little Miss Gracie.


Terri and Fam said...

Praying little Miss Gracie is back in her room very soon. She does seem to always throw you a curve ball. It would be just like her to be discharged as the moving crew is at the house.

Terri and family

Jon and Kim said...

Deanna, let people help! There are plenty of people who would be more than willing to help you pack, move, take turns sitting with Grace, etc. Let me know what and when I can help!