Sunday, March 8, 2009

The culprit

Blood cultures came back and there was a growth, Gracie has another staph infection, or the one she had is still running rampant either way she gets to start another round of antibiotics. The bad news--- it seems as if her PICC line is the culprit so it got pulled. Normally losing lines is a good thing, but that PICC line was my ticket out of the PICU and hopefully the hospital, skipping the floor and going home. Now if Gracie needs a full round of antibiotics we may have to live on the floor for two weeks since an IVis needed to administer the drugs and Grace has run out of places for PICC lines. Essentially there are other areas for PICC line placement, but I'm not sure we could go home with it. I'll keep you all posted. Oh and Grace is doing marvelously well---happy though sleep deprived :)


aj said...

I'm glad they at least discovered what the problem was. That's disappointing that you'll be there longer, but what an amazing recovery she's had already. She's a tough little cookie! I hope I get to see her for real one day :)

Hang in there!!

Douglas Lai said...

Glad you found the culprit. Sorry that means two more weeks in the hospital.
Keep smiling Gracie and get some sleep.