Friday, March 13, 2009

Close call

I walked into the PICU after giving them an hour to place the chest tube to see about 10 people around her bed, looking like they were getting ready to intubate. My heart jumped into my throat and all I could see was the images from Tuesday running through my mind. Though Gracie wasn't coding I couldn't help but fear that she was heading in that direction.

Grace came within inches of needing to be intubated, but luckily didn't have to. Apparently what happened is that the chest tube placement went fine, but as they were getting an x-ray to make sure it was in a good place, Gracie's sats dropped and she wasn't breathing. When the RT bagged, no air was entering her lungs, she clamped down so hard that nothing could get through, eventually they opened her airway with this plastic piece and that seemed to help. She is doing well now---thankfully.

The doctors really don't know what happened, they speculate that the sedation wore off, Gracie woke up and got ticked off to find a chest tube in her side. She got mad, clamped down and possibly coughed up some thick secretions, which got stuck in her airway. About twenty minutes later she got mad, dropped her sats to 40 and the doctors were threatening CPAP. Luckily, an RT who knows Grace well extremely well told the nurses that usually less is more with Grace (meaning leave her alone unless she is in dire need of some attention). Basically Gracie needs to sleep and rest so she doesn't realize what happened. The fellow told them that though it seemed unorthodox, to put Gracie in her swing, since she is so happy in it. She has now been in her swing for almost an hour and her sats haven't dropped past 73.

I worry that when I leave there may be some issues with Gracie again, because even though I have told the nurses what to give Grace to keep her sleepy and happy, they were just talking about how they are going to try not to give her anything else until 5pm when her methadone is due. I'm giving Gracie a few minutes to show them what I have been trying to tell them before I insist that they give her some loratab or benedryl or something.

Such a simple procedure, yet Grace never ceases to surprise the doctors and keep them on their toes. The Attending said to Gracie that she doesn't have many more year to give Gracie, since she has already taken several off of her life :) Though it is frustrating at times, I'm thankful for Gracie's stubbornness and fiestiness, it is what keeps her going even if it adds some complications that we would rather not deal with.


The Taylors said...

Sweet little Gracie is a fighter. She likes to keep everyone on there toes. Oh it makes me so MAD when they don't listen to Mom and do what she says, they act like they know your baby better than you. I remember Kylie was so bad only Morphine would help her, but NO they wanted to wait and see. HA it's not them in pain. They finally gave in after seeing her suffer through 2 shift changes. I am glad she is doing okay and things are getting figured out. She is just a stinker and likes to keep everyone busy. Keeping you in our prayers. Chrissie

Klyss Smith said...

We love Gracie! She's in our prayers always.

Steve & Klyss Smith

Melissa said...

I hope she can rest tonight!

summer said...

Glad to hear things turned out okay. Gracie, like most heart babies, know exactly how she wants things! Stubborn is good! She is a courageous fighter. You are always in our prayers.

Hilary said...

Seriously!! Miss little Gracie is quite the fighter. She is amazing and you are amazing. Sending lots of love and prayers

carolyn q said...

I am glad that she didn't need to be reuntubated again. She is a fisty little girl and that alone will prove to help her through this process.
I always hated leaving Hope for fear they would not listen to me since I knew what my daughter needed. I have never doubted Mother's intuition after having Hope.
I am hoping that things will start get better and better.