Monday, March 9, 2009

Not going down without a fight

Due to Gracie's infection and continuing fevers the doctors decided that it would be beneficial to do a complete echo to check for an infection in Gracie's heart---they were looking for vegetation, essentially a growth on her valves. Luckily there is no vegetation as of yet, but most likely they will do another echo in a couple of days, especially if she continues to spike fevers and blood cultures come back positive.

For the echo Gracie needed to be sedated, the plan was to give her a dose of versed and if that didn't work (no one really thought it would) she would then get some kedamine. Before Gracie got the versed she was squirmy and agitated, with the dose of versed she instantaneously became happy, seriously she was flashing the biggest and brightest smiles I have seen in a long time. Not only that, but her feet were going a mile a minute--Gracie could have powered one of those peddle boat across the Provo river, that is how strong and wild she was kicking. Needless to say she got some kedamine, with each dose she fought and fought against the sedative, it wasn't until she got the 7th dose that she calmed down enough to allow the technician access to her chest and even then she would fuss a bit if she was being bothered too much. It really was quite funny....she really does have such a high resistance, sad isn't it?


Yep, That's Really Our Name! said...

Versed ROCKS!!!! We request it for Casey every time they want to do something that he considers traumatic or terrifying. It works so well, there are times when I want to suck on the syringe to get any leftovers! :)

The G Fam said...

No one can ever say Gracie and Ryker aren't cousins!!

Holly Hunt said...

I miss you guys, and I hope everything is going well!

aj said...

Versed . . . oh boy. My daughter got a dose before a dental procedure, and until they came to take her, she kept telling me, "Oh, pretty curtains . . . look at the COLORS!" And silly stuff like that. You would have thought the plain tan curtains were made of pink cotton candy, she was so darn excited about them.

My husband and I think someone should make a Sacrament Meeting version of Versed :) How awesome would that be? Kids could just look around in awe, smile like clowns, and think there was nothing hard at all about sitting still for 75 minutes.

But that's super funny about Gracie getting all goofy and peddling a bike!! The cute little thing! She'll remain in our prayers :)

Douglas Lai said...

I would have love to have seen the smiles on her face and those feet kicking.
Erica :)