Monday, March 30, 2009

Update and Birthday Surprise

Gracie is doing well, still in the PICU and slowly progressing. She is having a hard time maintaining high sats as we wean her off the high flow, but she is at 4 liters of flow and 50% oxygen--we may bring her down to three liters tomorrow, it just depends on how she does. We are optimistically hoping to be home by the first part of next week--cross your fingers!!!

I'm actually pushing to be discharged from the PICU, but we just can't get off of the IV doses of Bumex (diuretic). I've told them that they can send us home on it and I would even bring Gracie up every day for blood gases to be drawn and x-rays done, but I don't think its possible, so we are talking about different things to do to get Gracie transitioned to oral Bumex.

It's just so nice to see Gracie acting like herself, she is so playful now and content. Today we read book, played, and even got down on a mat on the floor and played and did some baby exercises!! Oh how I want to go home so Grace can start developing again, we have lost so many of the skills she had before the hospitalization.

As for my Birthday surprise...I came up to the hospital to see Gracie on Saturday afternoon after spending the morning trying to pack up all that I could since Jason and I were planning on moving the first part of this week. Normally Jason wants me to come home early, but on Saturday he told me to stay as long as I wanted, I didn't think anything of it and stayed until he called me to come home.

Well, I picked him and Morgan up at his parents' house and when we went to our apartment, to my utter surprise it was empty and almost completely cleaned!! Jason said that his wonderful sisters wanted to help us and thought it would be a great idea to move us while I was at the hospital. So I left at 11am, and at 11:30am Jason's dad was at our apartment and started loading up the truck with the rest of his siblings and mother joining shortly afterwards. Jason came right after he finished working and all this was done while they watched Morgan as well!! How crazy and amazing! They even unpacked most of our boxes for us.

Talk about an instant stress reliever...words can't express how grateful I am for all of Jason's family. I truly am blessed to have married into such a loving and caring family, each and every one of Jason's siblings, their spouses, and his parents would do anything they can to help one another and make their burdens seem lighter. I love you guys!!!

Thank you Jason, you are amazing and I love you so much. Thank you for your patience and love despite my lack of attention towards you. Thank you for making my birthday the best it could be, considering all that is going on.


Hilary said...

Wow that is awesome!! Happy Birthday!! That is the best birthday surprise. I am so glad that you have such an amazing family, it would be way harder to go through all this without it. I am glad Grace is doing well. We will pray for her to get home soon.

The Taylors said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a great suprise. Hey I thought you guys just moved? I hate moving.
So HAPPY Grace is doing so good. That would be nice to be out of the soap opera PICU! Go Grace, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! What a great family.

Terri and Fam said...

What an awesome family and great birthday surprise! Praying the weaning goes well and QUICKLY so you can be a family at HOME soon.

Terri and Crew

summer said...

Happy Birthday Deanna! I am so glad to hear how much better little Grace is doing! We will pray you can have her back home soon.

Holly Rader said...

Happy birthday! I am glad you had such a good day and that your family is so supportive. I wish I could be there to help out.