Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 7th Month Birthday

Today Gracie is 7 months old, but unfortunately she slept the day away with the help of her wonderful narcotics. I think she deserved it after the week she has had!!!

Gracie is doing well, she is off of bumex (diuretic) because she has done so well peeing off all the extra fluid. She still has some edema, but we don't want to dry her out too quickly. She is being weaned of the nitric gas and seems to be tolerating that well, the goal is that by tomorrow she will be off of it completely and we will start working on weaning the vent settings. Hopefully she will be off the vent and breathing on her own come Monday.

There is very little change in her lungs, but some which is good--we'll take whatever progress we can. Tonight they suctioned out some really big clumps of old blood which will hopefully so more improvement in the x-ray tomorrow morning.

She started feeds yesterday and is slowly moving up and is handling them well, the goal is to get her to 30cc an hour.

Today Morgan was able to visit Gracie. We debated whether or not this was a good idea, but ultimately felt that Morgan needed to see Gracie to understand where we have been and why Gracie isn't home with us. Morgan was so good, she was very quiet and loving as she watched Grace lay in her bed. During Morgan's visit was the only time Grace opened her eyes and actually fixed them on us for a couple minutes. It was cute, Morgan said to Gracie, "mommy, daddy, and Mimi (what Morgan calls herself) are here with you." Talk about making me cry. Morgan didn't want to leave without Grace, but hopefully Gracie will be home soon.


The G Fam said...

Happy Seven Months Gracie-girl!!!! We love you soo much and can not wait to get you off the yucky vent and back home with your family! What a tender moment. We love Morgan and I swear she is wise beyond her years,and she tries so hard to understand.
Love you guys!
Mike and Em

Douglas Lai said...

Happy 7 months Gracie! What a good big sis you have.

Shauna Miller said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing such a tender moment.

Holly Rader said...

Happy 7 months! I know that it is a milestone for the whole family. We love you guys.