Friday, February 13, 2009

Nothing new

There really isn't much to say there has been very little change where Gracie is concerned. It seems like we are stuck in a horrible dance where her kidneys just can't decide what amount of diuretics is enough to help her lungs get the fluid off without drying her out too much.

Grace is practically weaned completely from her IV pain meds (if you ask me it was rather fast and upbrut, we aren't going anywhere too soon but they figured since she is on both adavan and methadone she doesn't need the phentanyl and versed). They have also weaned the settings on the vent and I am a bit confused about it--the pressure support was weaned from 18 to 16 last night and her chest xray was worse, so I don't know why they would continue weaning it down to 14 and taking the Peep down to 6, but I guess that is why they are the doctors. To be honest I'm really having a hard time this week...the Attending Doctors changed and though I like the doctor on this week, she is just different, but who knows maybe the way she does things will bring Gracie home sooner.

I have been able to hold Grace and that has been wonderful. Last night was the first time and the nurse made me hold her with her little nest, neither of us were really comfortable, but today it was just her in my arms swaddled in a blanket and though she was a little agitated she snuggled in and I think enjoyed it, she let me hold her for an hour.


Douglas Lai said...

Glad to hear that although not much has changed you were able to hold Grace. I am sure she enjoyed being back in your arms.
Hopefully we will cross paths while we're here. May be here another day since Eden grew some bacteria in her blood.

Aimee and Hardy said...

I'm so glad you got to hold her. That makes such a diference. I hope she's able to get off that darn ventilator soon. Hang in there.

summer said...

Yeah! You got to hold your sweet baby! You are in our prayers. May the Lord continue to comfort you and Grace.