Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three's a Charm?

It is currently 1:54am and Gracie is going back for her third trip to the OR today---she is still bleeding and we don't know where. We are hoping that they will find the source of her bleeding and be able to stop it soon. Right now they are pumping her with fresh frozen plasma, blood, and platelets in an attempt to help her clot and stop bleeding. The good news though is that her heart rate, blood pressure, sats all look good. Even her gases are good, which is remarkable.

I have completely lost it, all I could do was look at my baby, swollen, sedated, and paralyzed and thinking how just yesterday she was playing and kicking and being so cheerful. Normally she would grab the tubes and mouth them, but she just layed there. Occasionally tears would come from her eyes and our hearts just broke.

Please pray for us, pray for Gracie. I'm beyond praying now, I need your prayers to be my prayers if you will.

We will keep you posted.

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Rosalee said...

Oh my goodness. I don't even know you, yet but heart is aching for you. I am a friend of Lori Truman's. I will most definitely keep your sweet Grace in my prayers. God bless you and your sweet angel.