Friday, February 20, 2009

We moved.

Gracie was moved to the floor this morning and though the move was bittersweet we couldn't be happier. We will miss our friends down in the PICU---there really are some amazing nurses and doctors down there!!! I am so glad that they love and care for Gracie almost as we do.

When we first were moved up we were double bunked, I guess the hospital is so full that they are even putting RSV patients in Surgical Unit pods, causing all hearts to be in one pod and at times double bunking. Luckily for us, the little girl went home today and we are enjoying our nice and quiet room.

Grace had an ok day today, she was more restless and cranky, I think it was the move and trying to get use to her new surroundings. Frankly I think she missed the PICU, it really has become her 2nd home spending a little over 4 out of her almost 8 months of life there.

I gave Gracie her first bottle since the admission and it was so cute, she smiled so big and opened her mouth and gulped down 18 ccs. Unfortunately her little heart couldn't tolerate the desire she had to continue the oral feed and we needed to put the rest in the feeding pump.

We met with a GI doctor and it was quite educational, he actually said that the Reglan that Grace is on for reflux could be what is causing her such discomfort and agony when she eats. Apparently reglan is known for slowing the mobility of the intestines which could be causing her to be backed up, thus resulting in literal projectile poop. So the doctor suggested that we discontinue the reglan and watch her for a couple of days to see how she does. If she still has some discomfort we will start her on a med to help with quicker mobility. We are also going to test the acidity of her stomach acid to see if we need to increase the dose of her prevacid.

Oh how I hope that these changes will help her not feel so crummy after eating. I want her eating to be enjoyable so that she will catch on to it, gain weight and hopefully lose her NG tube some day in the close future.

I think that is all the updates that I have on my sweet Gracie. She really is doing well. It is so nice to see how much better she feels this time around!

We were playing today and every time I tried to take a video she would stop smiling big and just kind of tease me.

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The Taylors said...

She looks so GOOD and HAPPY, Great Job Gracie. I am sorry about the double bunking. I wish the hospital could magicly get bigger when needed, hopefully you can be home soon and not have to worry. That is very interesting about the Relgan. They pushed so hard to start Kylie back on it, my ped is not a fan of Reglan. Oh I am so glad she is doing so well. I know how you feel about the PICU too, they are so nice and personable down there, then on the floor it gets so lonely. We have an echo on the 2nd, (bet your not there) but if by chance you are we will stop by. Keeping you in our prayers. GO GRACIE!