Friday, February 6, 2009

Quiet is good

Today has been another day of rest for our little Gracie. The paralytic was turned off and she is able to wiggle and move, though it makes her very upset and seems to hurt her. Other than that not much has happened, she is peeing like crazy which is great---at 7pm she was already negative 275cc. Who knows tomorrow we may go in and see her back to her skinny little self.

Her lungs still are a little collapsed, especially the upper right lobe. The hope is that by Sunday she will be close to being weaned off of the vent. They are putting in an NJ tonight and starting her on some feeds and will gradually work up to full feeds. I'm thinking that the earliest we can leave the PICU will be Wednesday, but I guess you never really know.

Sorry for the late posts, while I'm at the hospital I can barely pull myself away from Gracie's side. She loves it when we hold her left hand while she sleeps so it makes it hard to not do so, especially since I haven't held her in over five days.


The Lewis Family said...

Glad to hear she is doing well, I put your names in the prayer box when we went to the temple tonight :)

JENNY said...

Just want you to know that we keep you guys in our prayers and think of you often. Also, I posted pictures of the New Year's party and I got some cute ones of Morgan. :)