Monday, February 2, 2009

Late start

It was a crazy night, between Gracie waking up and having to deal with the feeding and medicine schedule for surgery I was up every two hours and then up for good at 4am. We got here at 6am for a 7:30am surgery but were left waiting for an hour and a half until we were told that there was an emergency case before her.

I didn't mind being able to be with Gracie longer and holding her, but because she was miserable I was upset that they left us waiting without telling us anything. We will update as we get will be about 6 hours before we get to see her again. Its amazing how sad I feel knowing she is here and I'm not there with her to protect and hold her.

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Brenna and Chris Thomas said...

I got canceled today! I had a mandatory call shift and for once, was wishing that I would have to work so I could see you guys! I will be there tomorrow though and will request to have her! Good luck! Let me know how things go...