Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry for not posting all day

Today has been better and I just didn't have the energy to post, sorry. I know many people are praying for Gracie and looking for an update.

Last night we finally left Gracie's side at 4:30am and tried to get some sleep. I called for an update and she was stable, her pressures still were higher than they wanted but it was to be expected because of how puffy she is. They did put her on nitrogen gas to help her lungs and hopefully lower the pressure the vent has to pump into her lungs, she still isn't as strong in her lungs as they want her to be.

The major task is to get the extra fluid off of her, this morning she was over 300ccs fluid positive---basically all the blood and products they gave her last night is now in her tissues causing her to be extremely puffy. Though the doctor thinks space isn't an issue, he doesn't want to close her chest until she looses some of that fluid. So the plan is to clean her up tomorrow afternoon and hopefully close her too.

Grace's heart function is still looking good so that is good and other than tweaking pain meds and glucose levels it has been a quite day. Hooray. Kind of a cute story...around 5:00pm, I turned to our nurse and said that i needed to go for a walk and literally Gracie's heart rate went from 140 to 190, we increased her pain meds and still no progress, I started singing in her ear, both the fellow and attending came in and finally after 20 minutes her heart rate began to drop. It was like she got upset and mad when I told her I was leaving for a bit. Oh how I yearn for my baby to be back, I miss her so much. It hurts so much to leave her side, to not be there with her....

Thank you so much for your love and prayers.


The G Fam said...

I hope today is another peaceful day (and you are right, not going to the O.R. any day makes for a much better day. We will see you tonight, but please give Gracie some sweet loves for us. We will call you later!
Love ya,
Mike and Em

carolyn q said...

I was hopeful that you were able to get some rest yesterday.
I love the cute story because we experienced a similar situation with Hope when she was in the PICU too. . . it's amazing how intune they are and though they can't talk they sure can get their point across.
I am hopeful that today the puffiness with start to take care of itself. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Hilary said...

Sigh of relief. I have been so worried. I bet you are just exhausted emotionally and physically. I am so glad things are on the up and up. We will be at the hospital tomorrow for Daxtons appointment. Let me know if you need anything and I can bring it right up. Much love, Hilary Cook

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the post Deanna! I'm glad that yesterday was a good day. That is sweet that Grace wanted her mommy! I saw how attached she is to you the last time I stopped by your house. Those are tender moments. Please continue to give us updates. You are all in my prayers. I love you!

The Hood's said...

Hope things keep looking up! You guys have had your fair share the last couple of days! Who says that babies don't know what's going on! Cute little thing didn't want mom to leave her. Good luck!
Camille (IHH Family)