Thursday, February 5, 2009

She's closed!!!

Gracie is closed, it was a long procedure compared to most chest closures, but it is done and she is tolerating it beautifully. Dr. Kouretas took his time stitching up her chest and it all came together beautifully except for where she had the skin graft, it was really tight. Right now we are all hoping and praying that she heals well and that Gracie doesn't have any compromised healing issues this time around.

Jason was able to pry me away from Grace tonight and come home since she was doing pretty good. The only concern is that her heart rate was really high and we couldn't bring it down for several hours, but after only 20cc of albumin she began dropping. Tonight she will rest and tomorrow they will begin to take Gracie off of the paralytic.

We still are concerned with her lungs--the left lung looks tons better but the upper lobe of the right lung seems like it is still collapsed, so it is going to take some time. We are all optimistic that she will continue to improve, it will take some time, so we won't be going anywhere for several days.


Aimee and Hardy said...

I'm so glad they got her closed. I hope you get a good night's rest tonight. You deserve it. We're keeping you in our prayers.

Kimberly said...

Yea! I'm glad they were able to close her chest. I'm sure it is difficult to leave your little baby's side, especially when she has gone through so much. But you need your rest so you can be a strong support for her. I'm glad Jason ruled on that decision! :) I love you guys and continue to pray for you.

emily and kevin griffin said...

that's great news that she's doing well! you are doing so great!

Hollie said...

I'm so relieved that they were able to get her closed. I hope that she's able to get some good rest tonight, and that she continues to improve.
Your family is in my prayers.

Christina said...

I am glad she tolerated the closure well. I hope you got some good sleep.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

summer said...

We are so so glad! Good job little Gracie Girl!

Douglas Lai said...

So glad to hear she is closed and recovering. I hope you can get some much needed rest now.