Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So close

Isn't this picture so cute? Gracie spent about 10 minutes just playing with me and even smiled so big for me. I tried to capture the smile but just got this little smirk, with all the ativan, methadone,and loratab that Gracie is on I think she looks good for being so out of it.

All of Grace's IVs were turned off except for her diuretics, those she is only getting every 6 and 8 hours. She is off the high flow and doing great, while I was there today we had to titrate her oxygen from 1 1/2 liters to just 1/2 liter and she still was sating at 80. If we could only teach her to stop holding her breath and turning purple when she gets mad.

Her lungs seem to be improving, very slowly. The right side looks great, but the left side hasn't improved much. But like I said as long as she does well they will just watch it for now. We may have to come back to the hospital every couple of days after we leave to get x-rays to watch her lungs, but that is nothing.

Tomorrow Grace has a swallow study and as long as she does well through the night without her milirone we can very well be moved to the floor. Yah!!! Though I hate many aspects about the floor, number one being that I can't leave the hospital at night because the thought of her only being checked every four hours and being alone in a room scares me, it is one step closer to being home.


Kristine said...

All excellent news!!! So nice to hear that things are going in the right direction!

I hear you when you say that you don't want her on a regular floor without being there with her. FOUR hours is crazy. I used to hear babies crying for an hour before a nurse would go in. We stayed all night too.

I eventually kicked up a big fuss after Katie had a small seizure and they gave us 1-to-1 nursing again. I'm pretty sure I have a BIG black mark beside my name now though. Oh well! :)

The G Fam said...

So so cute! Love that picture! The good thing is that Intermountain hospitals do mandate 1 hour checks, but I do not blame you for wanting to be there. I would do the same thing. Thanks for our talks today Deanna. I can not wait for sweet Gracie to come home so I can see more of her and more of you!
Love your guts!
Em (and of course Mike!)

emily and kevin griffin said...

so glad her lungs are doing better! that's great! keep up the good work, Grace...and family!

Christina said...

Yea for improvement! Hoping for a good swallow study, improved lungs, and home soon.

Hugs & Prayers,

Erica said...

Yay for great improvements. I will happily give you our nice private room on the floor. We were already to leave this morning and then Eden had to go and get a fever. So they want to keep her a little longer. So tomorrow this room can be yours, because one way or the other we are breaking free. :)
BTW Grace sure looks cute in that pic.

Hilary said...

Such a sigh of relief. She is a little fighter. She does look so good. I am so glad that things are on the up and up. We will be there next thursday if you are on the floor I will definatly drop by. Sending love and prayers, Hialry

The Taylors said...

Oh I am so glad she is doing so well. I bet you can't wait for the 3rd floor. She can finally get some very needed peacefull rest. Yes I know the nursing isn't very good, but I based us leaving on the nurse we had. We did have a couple 3am stays, but always felt comfortable leaving when Kylie was asleep, I am still thinking about you and praying like crazy. YEA for Gracie.