Monday, February 16, 2009

Slow and steady

Grace has done fairly well off the vent despite her lung condition going back and forth. Her x-ray this morning showed that her right lung had more air in it,which is great, but her left lung still looks bad. There is still some collapsing and plural effusion (extra fluid in between the lung linings), right now they aren't going to do anything different, they just want to see what happens with time. It seems as if the doctors are going to see how well she does even with her lung condition and if they can continue weaning Gracie off of the high flow without collapsing her lungs and causing poor oxygenation and respiratory problems. Currently Grace is on high flow of 4, with oxygen levels anywhere between 45%-70%. Hopefully the doctors won't wean too fast causing more set backs.
Today Gracie has been a lot calm and mellow with only one extra bolus of adavan. Though she still has her moments where she literally gets so made she turns black (no lie) she can be calmed and quited within 10-15 minutes. We were able to hold Gracie for most of the day, which was heavenly---I'm so happy that she still likes to be held and loved on.

We brought Morgan up to the hospital today so she could see Grace without her breathing tube and doing better. It was so sweet she walked in, looked at Gracie and said to our nurse, "Gracie get better, no tube." Morgan truly is a wonderful big sister with so much love and adoration for out little Gracie. Perhaps she knows better than most what remarkable Spirit Gracie has and how special she is.

Tomorrow Gracie will have an echo done to see how she is doing on the cardiac side of things. Her milirone will be weaned some more and depending on her x-ray she may be weaned more from the high flow.


Hilary said...

she really does look good. You guys have some beautiful girls! We continue to pray for her healing. She just loves the attention she gets in the picu. Hey I would like some attention like that. Sending our love and prayers, Hilary

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...

She sounds a lot like Teagan after his Glenn, she will pull through. You are in our prayers!

Stacy said...

Hi Gracie! You look so beautiful! My little one is in the PICU also. His name is Corbin! You are so cute! I stumbled on your blog from a friend through a friend. Something like that. We are praying for you and wishing you the best. You need to get better so you can play with that adorable sister of yours! With love, Stacy, Chance, and Corbin

Kimberly said...

Gracie looks so good! I can't get over how good she looks since I saw her last. I will continue praying for you! Love you guys!